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KNU’s New Main Gate


KNU’s New Main Gate


As a lead-up to its 67th anniversary celebrations on May 28th, KNU has refurbished the main gate and its surroundings located next to the University’s Central Park and erected a new stone monument to commemorate the occasion. The ceremony to officially open the new gate was held on May 27, and was attended by numerous university officials, including KNU President, Ham In-seok.  


The stone monument, measuring 4.8m long and 1.4m wide, and which is composed of Mt. Palgong granite weighing some 28 tons, will symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in KNU’s history. The monument will be engraved with the University’s name on the front, and nine pine trees including 2 from Sangju-si have been planted around the monument, adding to its grandeur.


The main gate refurbishment project, which was supported by Daegu-si, saw the removal of the fence running from the main gate to the east gate, and forest reclamation works for green space extending to Baek-yang road, Il-chung-dam, and KNU central park.


The road through the main gate was replaced and expanded from two lanes to four, thus allowing for a smother flow of traffic. Space surrounding the main gate has been reconstructed as an open square on a scale of 3000m².


Ham In-seok, the president of KNU said, “The area surrounding KNU’s main gate will be a new spot, not only for school members, but for local people as well, as it becomes a mini-park for the city.”


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