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Challenge Korea Spring 2014


 Challenge Korea Spring 2014


What is Challenge Korea?

Kyungpook National University is giving international students an opportunity to see Korea with their friends at KNU, and to provide them with a better-understanding of Korea, its traditions and culture.


1.      Eligibility: International students (exchange/undergraduate/graduate) and Korean students.

2.      How to apply: Create a team of about 4~6 international and Korean students (The number of international students should be half of the team members or more.) Fill out an application form (attached) and submit it to the Office of International Affairs with a copy of passbook of the team leader. Your application will be judged based on how much you will benefit from the trip and how much you will learn about Korean tradition and culture.

3.      Application Period: 2014.April 10(Thu.) ~ April 11(Fri.)

The winning teams will be announced on April 17(Thu.).

4.      The maximum number of teams to be selected: 15

5.      Funding: 300, 000 KRW will be awarded to each team selected.

6.      You can take your trip anytime between April 25 to June 1, 2014

7.      The winning team will be asked to submit a report of their adventure (Written report & PowerPoint file) after the trip.

: Report deadline: June 5(Thu.), 2014

8.      Remember:

-    Everyone in the team should join the trip.

-    You cannot change your travel itinerary without advance notice.

-    Every team must submit a written report by the due date listed above.





Office of International Affairs