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Registration for 2021 Special Lecture Series


KNU is proud to present the 1st Annual Special Lecture Series to be presented by 4 distinguished, international scholars this year, imparting exemplary research, insight, and knowledge on a broad range of disciplines, from sciences to social sciences. We invite all interested students and faculty to participate and register for the event as stated below.

Period of Administration: 2021. 11. 23.(Tue)~11. 30.(Tue), Total of 4 Lectures by 4 Scholars

Registration Period: 2021. 10. 25.(Mon)~11. 16.(Tue)

Platform: Online (Zoom link to be sent to registrants)

No Registration Fee (Free)

Registration Method:

  1. Google Form for Professors, Research Professors, and Other Faculty Members

     ( )

  2. Google Form for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

     ( )

세부일정 (Detailed Schedule)

  - 11. 23.() 10:00 Hyein Amber Kim (Department of Linguistics, The State University of New York at Buffalo)


    Understanding Race, Koreanness, and “K-identity” in Hallyu
    and Implications for Korean Language and Culture Education

  - 11. 25.() 10:00 Monica Kim (Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

    The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History

  - 11. 29.() 12:00 Pierre Berube (Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia)

    The Life and Times of Bubbles: How Bubbles Revolutionized Water Treatment

  - 11. 30.() 15:00 Todd Henry (Department of History, University of California, San Diego)

    Grasping in the Dark: Toward Queer Histories of Authoritarian South Korea