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KNU Holds ‘STAR-Academy Signboard Ceremony’

Kyungpook National University and the Commercialization Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes (COMPA) held the 'STAR-Academy Signboard Ceremony’ on September 15th in the 1st Meeting Room of the KNU Main Building.

The STAR-Academy, or 'Science and Technology Acceleration for Region Academy,' is a new project that fosters a scientific and technological practicalization ecosystem at the national level and trains experts in the practical use of scientific and technological achievements. Starting from this year, a total of KRW 40.9 billion will be provided for up to 6 years following the selection of 6 leading organizations in 5 regions.

After being selected as a project organization earlier this year, KNU established the Science and Technology Practical Engineering Department in the KNU Graduate School from the second semester of 2022, within which it currently operates three major courses (Science and Technology Policy, Science and Technology Practice, and Science and Technology Entrepreneurship).

The signboard ceremony was attended by notable KNU professors such as Si-Chul Lee, Vice President of Education and Science; Se-Hyu Choi, Dean of the College of Engineering; Dong-Seok Han, Dean of the College of IT Engineering; and Jeong-Il Oh, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration; along with Bong-Soo Kim, Director of COMPA, and Seok-Min Kwon of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Science and Technology Job Innovation Center.

“We will focus on regional strategic industries such as advanced mechanical robots, electric/autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and IoT safety,” said Choi Se-Hyu, Dean of the College of Engineering, who is in charge of the project.

Appearing in the photo (from the left) are Choi Se-Hyu, Dean of the KNU College of Engineering; Lee Shi-Chul, KNU Vice President of Education; Kwon Seok-Min of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Science and Technology Job Innovation Center; and Kim Bong-Soo, Director of COMPRA.