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KNU Holdings Co., Ltd. Holds Successful ‘KNU 1st Challenge 2023’

KNU Holdings Co., Ltd., together with the Link Project Group, held the “KNU 1st Challenge 2023” at the Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation on January 26, 2023, to great success.

With the aim of attracting investment from university start-up companies, “KNU 1st Challenge 2023” was an investor-relations (IR) demo day event featuring the participation of seven teams of student start-up companies that had completed the “Technology-Based Startup and Scale-up Support Program” at Kyungpook National University.

KNU Holdings Co., Ltd. and the Link Project Group jointly operated the “Technology-Based Startup and Scale-up Support Program” to support the
growth of university-based start-ups originating from faculty and students through a customized program.

The program was divided into three programs, each focusing on mentoring and consulting appropriate for the growth stage of each team: a start-up planning program for start-up preparation, an intensive start-up program for corporate growth, and a student start-up program. For the “KNU 1st Challenge 2023” event, however, only the student start-up teams participated.

The student startup teams were composed of students and graduates from local universities including KNU, and at the event KNU student Taemin Kim, CEO of Connect Fit, won the grand prize. Connect Fit provides a payroll management solution specialized for small business owners (SMEs), and the company has realized sales growth of more than two-fold every year while successfully converting to a fee-based service. In addition, the company has been evaluated as having strong future growth potential due to the growth of the ultra-short part-time job market.

KNU Holdings Co., Ltd. expects this program to serve as a bridge for university-based entrepreneurs to move into a wider world, and as such it plans to operate an accelerator program continuously so that many successful entrepreneurs can be produced through it.