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KNU LINC 3.0 Holds Opening Ceremony for Kreative Park

Kyungpook National University's Leading University for Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) project team held an opening ceremony on December 27th for the newly established "KNU LINC 3.0 Kreative Park." The opening ceremony was attended by Vice President of Research and Industry Lee In-joong, President of the Alumni Association Kim Chang-ho, and Kim Dong-hyuk, Director of the Digital Innovation Strategy Promotion Team of Daegu Metropolitan City.

Kreative Park, which is described as a "place for creativity and innovation at KNU," was created by renovating Vision Hall on the first floor of the Information and Computing Center, an aging space on campus, using LINC 3.0 project funds with the support of the Ministry of Education, the National Research Foundation, and Daegu Metropolitan City.

At the opening ceremony, Kim Ji-hyun, director of the LINC project team, announced plans to use the Kreative Park as a space for creativity and innovation, combined with sharing and collaboration, where creative convergence capstone design and entrepreneurship-related major and non-major courses can be provided for current students, and industry-university cooperative business collaboration programs can be operated on a regular basis.

In addition, the LINC project team plans to support the sharing and use of Kreative Park by LINC 3.0 participating colleges and departments, as well as collaborating companies and institutions.