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Global Daegu Talent Show


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- Global Daegu Talent Show -

Come and join the Global Daegu Talent Show and be on TV!

○ Eligibility: International students at KNU

○ What to do: Any kind of performance, such as K-pop/Dance, traditional music/dance of your country, musical instrument performance, etc.

○ Awards: 7 teams will be selected to win the following awards:

1 Grand Prize of KRW 500,000

2 Runner-up Prizes of KRW 250,000

2 Participation Prizes of KRW 150,000

2 Popularity Prizes of KRW 100,000

All remaining teams will receive festival T-shirts and free tickets for the Dongseongno Festival!
This event is a part of the 2013 Dongseongno Festival, and you will be competing with students from other local universities.

○ How to apply: Send an application form(attached) to at the KNU Office of International Affairs by 12pm May 6, 2013

○ KNU Preliminary Round: May 9, at 2pm at the KNU Global Lounge

(Maximum 15 teams will be selected from KNU for the final round with students from other universities.)

○ Schedule

- Rehearsal: May 12, 4pm, at the out-door stage of the 2013 Daegu Motor Show

- Final Round: May 18, 4pm, at the out-door stage downtown (to be filmed by TCN Cable TV)