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Call for Essays : The Understanding Korea Contest 2022






Call for Essays : The Understanding Korea Contest 2022





We are pleased to announce the Call for Essays of the Understanding Korea Contest 2022. Please note the following guidelines. The Center for International Affair at AKS is the home of the Understanding Korea Project, which seeks to correct inaccurate information on and improve contents about Korea in International textbooks.

 1. Essay Themes



International Images of Korea

- Images of Korea in international instruction materials (International textbooks, Internet sites, etc.)

- Proposals on how to improve the image of Korea

Improvements using Understanding Korea Materials

- Improvements using Understanding Korea materials and suggestions for developing new materials

Understanding Korea materials published by AKS can be requested for the purpose of this contest. Available at the site below.

(Website: Korea materials)

 2. Eligibility : Foreigners, Koreans living abroad

 3. Submission : Through the official website of the Academy of Korean Studies

○ Language: Korean or English

○ Essay Length: About 3 pages in A4 format

Download the application form from information bulletins on the Academy of Korean Studies website or the Center for International Affairs website and submit. (Only the official form will be accepted.)
- Website:

Applications can be submitted using either Theme 1, Theme 2, or both.

 4. Prizes


Number of winners


Grand Prize


Awarded by the Ministers (MOFA & MOE)

Prize worth 1,000,000 won

Excellence Prize


Awarded by AKS President

Prize worth 400,000 won

Participation Prize


Awarded by the Center Director

Prize worth 200,000 won

Taxes related to the acceptance of and use of the prize are the winners’ responsibility.

 5. Application Period : June 1 - July 31, 2022, 18:00

Applications arrived after the deadline (Korea Standard Time) will not be received.

6. Announcement of winners : September 20, 2022

The result of the contest will be posted on the Center's website,

( and all winners will be notified individually.

7. Contact : The Center for International Affairs of the Academy of Korean Studies

○ Email:

All inquiries about the contest must be made by email.