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『2022 BeFM Halloween Parade Festival』 “Parade Competition” Application Announcement


『2022 BeFM Halloween Parade Festival』
“Parade Competition” Application Announcement

Applications are open for Busan City’s first citizen-participatory Halloween Event <2022 befm="" halloween="" parade="" festival=""> in Gwangali.
Applications details are as follows. We ask for your interest and participation.

Ⅰ. Introduction
■ Application deadline : 23:59, Friday, October 14
■ Judging for finalists and announcement : 15:00, Monday, October 17
■ Event location : Gwangali Beach Haebyeon-ro area
■ Qualifications : a minimum of 20 people per team
■ Basic criteria : open to residents of South Korea, no restrictions on nationality, parade to take place across the entirety of event space
■ Participation may be restricted for : contents or production that go against the intent and meaning of the festival
■ Awards and benefits
  - Top 3 teams will receive an award certificate and monetary prizes
  - All teams that advance onto the final round will receive 500,000 won for participation
■ Event details
  - A parade with performances in select sections
  - Judging to take place within the VIP section
■ Parade theme(s)
  - Contents or film themes appropriate for Halloween
  - Contents or themes from globally-known Korean TV dramas

Ⅱ. Application Guidelines
■ How to apply
  - Apply online at the 2022 BeFM Halloween Parade Festival website (
  - Download application form on the website.
  - Submit the completed application form with a video of parade experience via email (
  - must submit a photo or video of previous parade experience
  - must submit an outline and plan proposal
■ Application Notice
  - Organizers may select participating teams based on their applications depending on the number of applicants
  - It is deemed that all parties consent to being photographed and/or filmed upon participating in the event
  - Photos and/or videos from the event may be used for promotional material in the future
  - All parade productions and material must not be in violation of copyright laws or intellectual property. Participants are responsible for any disputes related to copyright infringement for their material.
  - One will be excluded from the parade if it is confirmed that they have provided false information regarding their previous parade experience, even if they have passed the preliminary round.

■ Participation Notice
1. Guidelines for Costumes and Props

 -> Costumes
   - No excessive skin exposure or any costumes that may be perceived as inappropriate
   - Shorts must be worn under short skirts other short costumes
   - No Rising Sun Flag, or Japanese or German military uniforms from WWII.

 -> Prop weapons
   - Must be listed in the application form and receive approval
   - Must not exceed 2m in length

 -> Prop knives or swords
   - Must not be made of metal or steel, and must have dull blades
   - Must be kept in sheaths or other covering when not on stage

 -> Prop guns
   - Must have a cap over the muzzle, and must not be loaded with bullets

 -> Fake blood
   - Allowed in small amounts. Must be listed in the application form and receive approval

2. Guidelines for Parade Production
 -> Props and Costumes
  - No reproduction of original paintings, logos or graphic art
  - No use of fires, fireworks or other explosives, or water

 ->Sound and Video
  - Attach sound effects or music with the application form (in mp3 or other digital formats)

 -> Acting
  - No graphic violence or sexually explicit expression (both heterosexual or homosexual)

 -> Miscellaneous
  - No works that may cause controversy, or works that are rate R (PG-19)
  - No smoking or drinking
  - No restrictions on the work, but works that go against general social sentiments or conventions may receive score deductions during judging

■ Notice for Winners
   - No winners or winning teams may be selected if the judges agree that there was no suitable winner
   - All winning teams must submit separate paperwork for the prize money. The prize money will be awarded after taxes are deducted
   - All winning teams must attend the award ceremony

Ⅲ. Awards
   - Total prize amount : 30,000,000
   - Total number of winners : 3 teams
Award                                               No. of teams       Prizes
First Place
(Award for wishes to host 2030 Busan World Expo) 1                    15,000,000
Second Place
(BNK Busan Bank Award)                               1                    10,000,000
Third Place
(BN Group Daesun Award)                              1                     5,000,000
※ All teams that advance onto the final round after the online preliminaries will receive 500,000 per team for participation.
※ The winners are liable to pay a 22% public charge and taxes out of their winnings. (Organizers may request the winners' personal information to report and pay for the taxes on the winners' behalf)

Ⅳ. Parade Judging Criteria
■ Judges : Festival and event organizers, performance directors, VIPs
■ Judging section : section in front of Gwangali square in the parade route
■ Criteria for Examination
Criteria              Details                                                                Score
Storytelling            Stories or themes of the parade                                       20
Scale                   Number of team members, equipment, props, etc.                   30
Creativity        Creativity in parade theme and format                                20
Completion            Quality or level or completion in execution                         20
Extra points     Relevance to Halloween                                            10
                                                                             Total          100 points
※Final score will be the average of judges’ scores with the highest and lowest scores excluded

☎ Inquiries 070-4365-8385