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Educational Goal


Globally-oriented, knowledge-driven university

Global 100 / 20th in Asia / 5th in Korea

Stage of
laying groundwork for the vision
(2015 ~ 2020)
Stage of
implementing the vision
(2021 ~ 2025)
Stage of
achieving the vision
(2026 ~ 2030)
Reinforcement of global research capabilities Reinforcement of Education based on demand Promoting Fostering for Specialized Field

Core Strategic Objectives

Reinforcement of World-Class Education Competitiveness

  • Recruitment of capable faculty members from home and overseas
  • Strengthening academic advisoryfaculty system
  • Strengtheningcapacities as acenter for teaching and Learning

Reinforcement of Globally Advanced Research Capacities

  • Strengtheningof research capability among faculty members
  • Strengthening of support for industry-academic collaboration

Strengtheningof Competitiveness through Specialization

  • Creation of academic specialization in each campus
  • Strengthening of educational accreditation

Nurturing Next Generation Human Resources for National Development

  • Strengthening of student activities
  • Enhanced support through scholarships, training programs, and employment

Strengtheningof Domestic and International Collaboration, Social Contribution, and Communication

  • Strengtheningof external collaboration
  • Strengtheningof international relations
  • Strengtheningof volunteer activities at home and abroad

Welfare • Informatization and University Management

  • Strengtheningof university welfare
  • Strengtheningof student welfare
  • StrengtheningofInformatization of university and education