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Course Registration

Schedule (※Refer to academic calendar)

Category Semester 1 Semester 2 Details
Application for course package January July 2-3 weeks before course registration
Course registration February August Entering students: register for courses all together
Add/drop courses First week of class
Apply for add/drop Third week of class Before 1/4 of semester
Course confirmation around 1/4 of semester Deletion of prior grades if you retake courses

Course Package

  • What is a course package? You can select and save courses you would like take prior to the actual course registration period just as you would select items on online shopping sites
  • Applicant: Undergraduates (with theexception of students from other universities, honors students, part-time students, and some students of business administration)
  • You are automatically enrolled into the courses you have selected in your course package provided the enrollment capacity for the course has not been exceeded.

Course Registration

  • You are assigned to courses in the order of your registration
  • Register for courses after reading notices and scholarship-related regulations
  • Disapproval of course registration and credits
    • Taking courses without proper registration
    • The last course on the list of your registration for courses exceeding the number of credits permitted
    • If your course registration has a time overlap you will only be able to register forone course with a lower course number
    • If you re-take courses only the first grade will be counted, the latter grade will be considered invalid.
  • If you do not see the year or semester of the course you have already completed during the course registration period, please contact the office of your department or the administration office of your university.

How to add/drop courses

  • To change courses: you can simply apply on the online course registration page.
  • You cannot register for courses which have reached the fixed enrollment capacity. However, you may be permitted to register provided that you are granted permission from the lecturer.
    • To register for courses which have been filled: Go to Student Information System to fill in the form “Application for the change of enrollment capacity.” Print it out, get approval from your student advisor and then submit the form to the department office during the add/drop period.

How to confirm course registration

  • Applicant
    • Students whose courses have been cancelled after the add/drop period
    • Studentswho have applied for readmission and not been able to register for courses after the add/drop period
    • Students in their last semester who need to apply for extra courses to meet the requirements for graduation (you can only apply fora limited number of credits each semester)
  • To register: Fill in and print out the application for course confirmation →get approval from the lecturer →get approval from the dean of the department →submit to the administration office during the course confirmation period


  • You must register for your own courses (you areresponsible for registrations conducted on behalf of yourself)
  • You must check registration results as soon as you finish your course registration (Student information system> Courses/Grade> Courses> Course Registration> Semester)
  • For those applying for readmission, you must register as a returnee during a fixed period.

Number of credits per semester

Regular semester

Courses available during the semester
  • KNU: completion of regular courses, field education and global internship
  • Exchange students who have been recommended to study and complete courses in other universities
    * You cannot take courses at KNU and other universities at the same time.
Credits for graduation Credits per semester
130credits 18credits
140credits 20credits
150credits 21credits
160credits(Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine) 23credits
160credits(Architecture & Civil Engineering) 18credits
170credits and undergraduates within integrated programs 24credits
  • Minimum number of credits per semester: 6 credits or more
  • For students in the last semester before graduation and who have registered within the duration of coursework, you may register for 6 credits or more. For students in the last semester before graduation and who have registered past the duration of coursework, you must register for at least 1 credit.
  • If your last semester’s grade point average is over 3.7, or it is your last semester before graduation, or you have taken less credits in the last semester than you shouldhave, you may register for up to 3 credits more than you are permitted (your total credit may not exceed 24 credits)
  • Students of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Pharmacy arepermitted to take credits included in the academic programs.
  • Students of Sangju Campus must register for courses available at the campus. However, you may register for up to 3 credits at Daegu campus. For those who are granted permission to study for a double or interdisciplinary major at the campus, you may take more than 3 credits.

※Basis : Academic Regulations Article 45 (Credits per semester)[Revised], Article 4.2 of Regulations for Grades (Cancellation of Courses), Course Guidelines

Credit Balance

  • What is a credit balance? It allows students who have taken fewer credits during the semester to takeanextra 3 credits in the next semester.
  • Applicants : Undergraduates (not for graduate school students)
    (However, you must register for Semester 1, 2016 and receive actual grades to be able to carry the extra credit over to Semester 2, 2016)
    ※Undergraduates who are not qualified to take advantage of credit balance.
    • Those who have received probation for 2 consecutive semesters.
    • Those who have exceeded the length of studentship (Those in their 9th semester if the length of studentship is up to 8 semesters)
  • Available credit balance: If you have taken fewercredits in the prior semester than you were permitted, you may take an extra 3 credits in the coming semester.
  • When to apply the credit balance
    • Credits for the course registration for Semester 1, 2016 will be calculated for Semester 2.
    • Course registration prior to 2015 will not be calculated.
  • You may not carry over your extra credits multiple times (it is automaticallydeleted if not used)
  • If you are included in the dean’s list or attending the last semester in college, you may not take extra credits
  • Credit balance is only permitted within the duration of regular coursework
  • Credit balance is deleted in cases of withdrawal or expulsion.
  • Exchange students in Korea and abroad are not permitted to use credit balance.

Summer/Winter Course

  • Summer/Winter Course: regular course / seasonal or non-regular field education program / seasonal exchange program / seasonal overseas internship / overseas volunteer work
  • Credits available: up to 6 credits
  • Notice: Not permitted to take summer/winter courses at different universities simultaneously (Taking courses at 2 universities : 3 credits from Andong University + 3 credits from Kyoungbook University)

※Basis: Academic Regulation Article 46 (Credits Outside of Semester), Rules of Summer and Winter Courses